Navy Medicine Presents “The Grog”

The Grog -- Issue 36 2013 COVERIt is with great pleasure that we present to you the latest edition of The Grog, A Journal of Navy Medical History and Culture. In this issue, we offer our readers an original assortment of stories, essays, trivia and book reviews covering the topics of: the life and lessons of the heroic World War I nurse Edith Cavell, a look back at the only Navy Medicine-themed TV sitcom in history, the Navy’s 115-year history of Global Health, Navy’s Medicine and the Knickerbocker Theater Disaster, an illustrated look at service with the Fleet Marine Force, oral history interviews and their application to the arts, notes from the Navy Medical Archives, and a short review of Larry Berman’s book “Zumwalt.” As always we hope you enjoy this tour on the high seas of Navy Medicine’s past.

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