A Message from the Navy Surgeon General: Hospital Corps 121st Birthday

On behalf of the Navy Medicine family, I would like to thank the members of the Hospital Corps for their 121 years of faithful and exceptional service. You have supplied our Navy and Marine Corps team with unmatched first-rate health care that has allowed our warfighters to protect and serve our nation. We commend and celebrate the inception, accomplishments, and continued service of our most decorated and illustrious Corps.

Your tireless and selfless acts of heroism and life-saving measures have strengthened not only our Navy and Marine Corps, but the entire world. Upon you is bestowed a sacred trust to assist and care for the sick and injured, supporting the Navy’s mission across the globe on naval vessels, operational units, overseas assignments, foreign embassies, and medical facilities here at home. Cherish and uphold this trust with the utmost pride as the lives that you have saved and the ailments you have cared for have played a significant role in the improvement of our nation. Through these actions you have upheld the reputation and history of the Hospital Corpsmen that have gone before you.

I am proud to have the privilege of wishing the more than 30,000 Hospital Corpsmen serving today a Happy Birthday, and also to say thank you for upholding the prestigious Hospital Corpsman Pledge. My words cannot express how proud I am of you, it is an honor to serve at your side. Happy Birthday Shipmates!

Vice Admiral C. Forrest Faison III, Chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery.