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Focus On Vision Safety

By Vision Center of Excellence In this advanced technological age, we remain unable to replicate the gift of sight. Vision is a critical resource for everyone; and, yet, for many DoD personnel that resource has been lost or diminished because of an injury. In addition to combat-related eye injuries, injuries may also occur during military training exercises and when performing typical …

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Protect Your Vision

By Donald Sparrow, strategic planning officer, Vision Center of Excellence On or off duty, we have routines to protect ourselves – do you park in a safe location? Did you put on sunscreen to prevent sunburn? Did you use the shoe inserts to protect your feet while running? Likely, you answered yes to those questions, but did you remember to …

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Shielding Eyes Following Trauma: A No Pressure Situation

From the Vision Center of Excellence As far as first-aid practices go, applying pressure to a wound is as basic of a rule as it comes. However, we all learned in school that there’s an exception to every rule. In this case, the eyes have it for circumventing the norm. In fact, applying pressure to an eye wound may cause …

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