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Docstar: Letter to my Former Self

By Lt. Cmdr. Jason E Smith, MD, MC Dear Jason – or Docstar, as you like be called these days – After 10 years of college, medical school, internship and flight surgeon training, you’ve finally arrived in … Yuma, Arizona. Why are you 150 miles from the ocean, and since when do Navy docs take care of Marines? Only since November 10, …

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The Making of a Navy Doc: Lt. Bernhardson

By Lt. Andrew Bernhardson, orthopaedics resident, Naval Medical Center San Diego Graduate Medical Education in Navy Medicine is multi-faceted, providing education to many specialties. As part of Navy Medical Education and Training month this month, Navy medical personnel wrote to their future selves in order to show what it took to get to the current points in their careers. You …

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