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NAMRU – San Antonio Investigators Develop Portable Ozone Sterilizer

By Roy E. Dory, Naval Medical Research Unit – San Antonio Combat operations and humanitarian missions often place military clinicians, dentists, and front-line corpsmen in austere conditions. Currently available sterilization systems intended for field use are often bulky and require consumable resources, including chemicals or large sources of energy, which must be transported to the point of use. Recent testing by researchers …

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A Time of Reflection

By Capt. Rita G. Simmons, MSC, commanding officer, Naval Medical Research Unit-San Antonio Three months into the New Year and I am fast approaching the finish line of my term as Commanding Officer for the Naval Medical Research Unit -San Antonio (NAMRU-SA).  It is a time of reflection on the achievements of the command and a heralding of what’s to come …

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San Antonio Lab Technology Supports Navy Dentistry

Cmdr. David Leal, head, Biomaterial and Environmental Surveillance Team, Naval Medical Research Unit- San Antonio Our group, at Naval Medical Research Unit in San Antonio, conducts research, development, testing and evaluation of biomaterials used in medicine and dentistry. As the lead agent for mercury abatement in naval dental treatment facilities, we are responsible for the development and testing of systems …

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