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Battling PTSD and Sexual Assault in the Combat Zone

By Cmdr. Jean Fisak, NC, USN, deputy director, Naval Center for Combat & Operational Stress Control Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a term that everyone in the military community has become very familiar with. The association between combat stress and a heightened risk of developing PTSD is well known. In fact, PTSD has come to be known as one of …

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A Mission of Care

By Cmdr. Jean Fisak, NC, assistant director, Naval Center for Combat and Operational Stress Control Deploying can be a stressful time, but it’s especially hard for Sailors who deploy individually. A Mobile Care Team (MCT) sees Individual Augmentees, Sailors who are pulled together as a unit into a Navy command, Sailors trained to deploy while embedded with the Army, joint …

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