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Dr. French Moore & the advent of the Navy’s Jeep ambulance

By André B. Sobocinski Historian, U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery World War II’s Pacific battlefields spurred a need for versatile vehicles capable of transporting casualties across rugged terrain. Throughout the war, the Army and Navy had typically turned to the Dodge Model ¾ ton truck as a “field ambulance” for overseas operations. According to reports, the Dodge was …

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WWII Surgeon Develops Light Field Ambulance

By André B. Sobocinski, BUMED Historian Like the birth of smart phone culture and social media a century later, the first decades of the twentieth century saw great societal changes at the hands of new technology, namely the automobile.   Roads and traffic laws, traffic signs and signals, garages and gas stations sprouted up across the U.S. landscape during these years; …

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