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The Science Behind the Flu Vaccine

By Cmdr. Gary Brice, Director for Operational Infectious Diseases, Naval Health Research Center Fever. Chills. Headaches and body aches. Getting the flu isn’t fun and it can lay low even the healthiest individual. That’s why every year, starting in August, there’s a call throughout the military for personnel to get their flu vaccination—it is currently the best protection against the …

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Rickettsial Research – Fighting the Bites of Fleas, Lice, Mites and Ticks

By Roxanne Charles, Naval Medical Research Center, Office of Legal and Technology Services There is a need for rapid, sensitive “real-time” identification and diagnostic tools to detect rickettsial infection and a need for FDA-approved vaccines to protect our warfighters and civilian populations.  Epidemic typhus, scrub typhus, spotted fevers and ehrlichioses had a debilitating impact on military personnel during both World …

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