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Hello Anna: A Letter to my Former Self

By Lt. Cmdr. Anna Choe, MC (UMO/DMO) Dear Anna, You are not going to believe this, so I hope you are sitting down. It’s me, actually you, in 2014. You know how sometimes we want to know how things will turn out.  Well, at least in this moment, I can predict your short-term future. Short version/Highlights: – You become a U.S. …

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Virtual Board Saves Real Money

By Capt. Elizabeth McGuigan, director, Navy Graduate Medical Education (GME) & Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Bill Robinson, deputy, Navy GME & CME This year’s Joint Service Graduate Medical Education Selection Board (JSGMESB), which chooses medical officers from the Army, Air Force and Navy for internship, residency, fellowship and non-clinical training, had a very different look – it was completely …

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Navy Medicine Places Value on Primary Care

By Lt. Kevin Bernstein, M.D., M.M.S., Family Medicine Resident at Naval Hospital Pensacola, Fla. Medical residency years- three crucial, challenging, yet completely rewarding years of medical education.  As I begin the first of my residency years, it is difficult to personally quantify how demanding this year is going to be. I find it reassuring, however, to be a part of …

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