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Controlling a Formidable Adversary: Disease-Transmitting Aedes Mosquitoes

By Lt. Cmdr. James Dunford, entomologist, Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center Prevention of mosquito-borne diseases plays an important role in the success of military operations. Re-emerging and emerging infectious diseases such as dengue, chikungunya and Zika virus are becoming increasingly more common in the Western Hemisphere. The primary vectors implicated in the spread of these viruses, Aedes aegypti (yellow …

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What is More Frightening than a Great White Shark?

Hospital Corpsman 1st Class Luke Peet, preventive medicine technician, Directorate for Public Health, USNS COMFORT (TAH-20) Over the years there have been numerous films and documentaries on the great white shark.  This feeding frenzy of fear roughly began in the 1970’s, when Peter Benchley’s book “Jaws” was brought to life on the silver screen. Those frightful images and depictions of the …

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Vicious Viruses: Readiness is Job Number One

By Lt. Col. Eric Halsey, head of Virology Department at NAMRU-6, Peru * Editor’s note: This is blog number four out of six in a series of blogs from NAMRU-6. Mosquitoes can do more than spoil your picnic. They can ruin your day, your week, or even your life. Mosquitoes are the main insects that carry arboviruses—Arthropod-borne viruses—a group of pathogens threatening …

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