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Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury

By Lt. Ana Soper, MSC, neuropsychologist, Naval Hospital Beaufort The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have had a significant impact in advancing the science on traumatic brain injury (TBI). The research on military-related TBI is far from over, however; we are just beginning to gain a greater understanding of topics such as blast-related TBI or schedule of return to activity …

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Navy Neuropsychology: Meeting the Needs of the Warfighter

By Cmdr. Carrie Kennedy, Neuropsychologist/Aerospace Experimental Psychologist, Marine Corps Embassy Security Group Navy neuropsychology has undergone massive changes in the past ten years. From a community that regularly maintained only three to four active duty neuropsychologists at a time to one in which we haven’t been able to procure and grow enough, we have been a much-needed clinical specialty in order to …

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