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Researchers from the Naval Medical Research Center Participate in Brain Awareness Week Event

Story courtesy of Naval Medical Research Center Public Affairs Researchers from the Naval Medical Research Center (NMRC) participated in the DoD National Museum of Health and Medicine’s (NMHM) 17th Annual Brain Awareness Week event, March 17. Brain Awareness Week is one of the museum’s central efforts to support DoD STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) workforce development priorities. The program …

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Brain Injuries are like Snowflakes; Each one Slightly Different

By Cmdr. Paul Sargent, MC, Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton Concussion Care Clinic Medical Director  After watching American and Coalition forces being outmaneuvered by low-tech, loosely organized fighters in Iraq and Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal presciently observed that “It takes a network to destroy a network.”  He developed and promulgated an understanding that good tools and good information are not enough to …

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