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5 Helpful Tips to Protect Your Dental Health

Don’t be tricked, by all the sugary treats this Halloween season.  Here’s some helpful tips to protect your dental health: 1. Limit frequency of sugary treats. Frequent snacking on sugar filled treats can make your mouth an acidic environment.  This provides the perfect condition for cavity causing bacteria to grow. 2. Avoid sticky or gummy candies. These types of candies …

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Know This Before Supplementing

By Leisha Ferguson, Public Health Educator, Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center Dietary supplements are used by more than half of the adult population in the United States.¹ Supplement usage continues to be a very hot topic in our military community. Whether it’s in the gym while working out or during lunch break with your colleagues; the topic of …

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Hospital Corps Education and Training Leads to Life-Saving Results

By Petty Officer 1st Class Jacquelyn D. Childs, Navy Medicine Education and Training Command public affairs The Navy’s enlisted medical personnel are widely sought out in the Navy by non-medical personnel as well as doctors and nurses for their expert helping hands. In the Marine Corps, the “doc,” as they refer to their medical technician, is so highly revered, most Marines …

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