Public Health

Water, the ultimate energy drink

By  Hospitalman Albert Neighbors, Naval Hospital Guam Would you like a boost of confidence, looks, athletic ability and sex appeal or even gain “Super powers” all by consuming a drink? Well, contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t happen.  However companies that produce energy drinks aim their advertisement campaigns at the above mentioned qualities.  They are selling a product, which contains …

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Fourth of July: Safety with celebration

By Brig. Gen. W. Bryan Gamble, M.D. deputy director, TRICARE Management Activity On the Fourth of July we celebrate our Independence and the founding of our nation 236 years ago. The Fourth is also time for fireworks, cookouts and spending time outdoors with your family and friends. Enjoy the holiday, and remember a few easy precautions can help you and …

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Men’s Health Month: Tips and issues

Lt. Dawn Whiting, Nurse Corps, Health Promotion and Wellness with Navy & Marine Corps Public Health Center Did you know that according to the Mayo clinic, unintentional injury is the third largest threat to men’s health? Only heart disease and cancer pose a greater threat. Within the US military population, injuries are the leading health problem, with musculoskeletal injuries comprising …

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