How to achieve happiness this year


By Lt. Glorive Cabino, behavior health consultant, Naval Branch Health Clinic Naval Air Technical Training Center, Naval Hospital Pensacola

Instead of just having a typical New Year’s resolution to lose a few pounds, why not try and achieve happiness, joy and good emotional health in 2016?

The good news is that you don’t have to work alone to achieve these goals.  Integrated behavioral health consultants are available for support and to help you.

Integrated behavioral health consultants are normally clinical social workers or psychologists who work with beneficiaries enrolled to a Medical Home Port Team. They are doing what they love and know best, which is helping and providing support to those who deserve and need it.  This includes active duty service members, retirees and family members.

Lt. Glorive Cabino is an integrated behavior health consultant at Naval Branch Health Clinic Naval Air Technical Training Center aboard Naval Air Station Pensacola.

In my opinion, military social work is an unselfish act that is devoted to the welfare of others, and I am very proud to be part of that devotion. Working in behavioral health fits me well and is a gratifying experience.

As an integrated behavioral health consultant, I am committed to my patients and continuously devote as much time as needed to ensure that every patient that walks through the door is satisfied with the overall care they receive.  The values of behavioral health services result in improvement to overall health and well-being, personnel retention, increased camaraderie and healthy behaviors that will help our beneficiaries be successful in any environment.

I love the population I serve at the Naval Air Technical Training Center aboard Naval Air Station Pensacola because they are mostly young Sailors and this may be the first time away from their families.  Last month during the holiday season, I saw two patients that walked into the clinic feeling a little depressed because they missed being home. After normalizing the fears of these two patients and teaching them basic coping skills, they both expressed immediate relief from their symptoms. Their appreciation was immediately evident and I was once again reminded of why I love this job.

Integrated behavioral health consultants are available to assist our enrolled beneficiaries with problems, concerns or any stress-related experiences they are trying to cope with. Seeking help is a sign of strength and resiliency and it does not have a negative impact on someone’s occupation or career.   We are here to help our beneficiaries manage work, relationships and their personal life.

Common behavioral health issues that can be treated include tobacco use, weight management, relationship problems, trouble sleeping, anger, medication management, bereavement and chronic pain. Treatments consist of 30 minute appointments focused on attainable goals, support, skills development and lifestyle changes beneficiaries will need to meet their goals. For more complex issues and higher level of care needs, beneficiaries may receive a referral to a specialist outside of their Medical Home Port Team.

To schedule an appointment with a behavior health consult, beneficiaries can contact their Medical Home Port Team, and this year the new you will be even better!