Veterans Day 2015: A Thank You to our Veterans

Veterans Day: The day we come together as a nation to honor and celebrate the service and sacrifice of our Veterans.  It’s our chance to show our appreciation for the brave men and women who answered the call to defend our freedom. Veterans are our relatives, our friends, our neighbors and our co-workers. Navy Medicine would like to thank the Veterans who are also our co-workers, and share what Veterans Day means to them.

Hoover Rivers Jr.
Hoover Rivers Jr.

Hoover Rivers, Jr. is a 14-year U.S. Army Veteran. As a sergeant he served in the 94th engineer battalion in Darmstadt, Germany and the 8th Army Division in Seoul, South Korea. He currently works as the mail and print supervisor for BUMED. To him, Veterans Day is a time of reflection to all of the service members who have dedicated their lives to this country. Retired Army Master Sergeant


David Lott served from 1983-2005. Lott is currently the department head for health records management at BUMED. Veterans Day reminds him of the pride he felt wearing the uniform. “This day is important because it shows that people recognize that the men and women who serve make a lot of sacrifices to protect the freedoms that our great country has to offer.  A simple ’thank you for your service’ goes a long way.” As a Veteran, I appreciate this simple type of recognition,” he said.

Laurie Hobbs and Sophia Licona
Laurie Hobbs (left) and Sophia Licona (right)

Laurie Hobbs and Sophia Licona work for BUMED’s Family Readiness program. Laurie, BUMED Family Readiness Program department head and retired Air Force Lt. Col views Veterans Day as, “a day of reflection.” Sophia, BUMED program analyst, served as a staff sergeant in the U.S. Air Force from 2001-2009. Veterans Day is a reminder of the passion she had to serve. “I voluntarily wrote a blank check to the United States of America to serve my country for eight years. I would have given my life to keep my family and this country safe,” she said.

Charles Gould
Charles Gould

Vietnam Veteran Charles Gould is the program manager for BUMED’s substance abuse and rehabilitation program. He retired in 1990 as a chief quartermaster after serving aboard the USS Cambria (APA 36), the USS Dubuque (LPD 8), the USS Ready (PG 87) and the USS Canopus (AS 34). For him, Veterans Day is a day to thank all the men and women who have dedicated themselves to keeping this nation safe, not only on Veterans Day but everyday.

Christopher Brown, BUMED emergency management officer, said “It’s a day when I remember the sacrifices I made during my career and those of my friends and shipmates. I’m reminded of the magnitude and the significance of the sacrifices contributed by all the Veterans that came before me.” Christopher served nearly 30 years in the U.S. Navy retiring in 2013 as a captain.

These are just a few of the dedicated Veterans working for Navy Medicine. To them, and all of the nation’s Veterans, thank you. On behalf of Navy Medicine, happy Veterans Day.