I Am Navy Medicine: Chief Hospital Corpsman Natalie Cebular



111Attending the Senior Enlisted Academy (SEA) Class 189 was a very rewarding experience for many reasons.

When I first enrolled in the course I assumed it was going to be just like any other Navy training however, it was very different.  The SEA is an academic program that is designed to challenge Senior Enlisted Leaders with required readings, papers, group discussions, speeches, class room instruction, book report and quizzes/tests.

It is a true education program.  During the nine weeks online we read issues that ranged from national security to Navy programs.  We were assigned readings such as the Quadrennial Defense Report, National Security Strategy and had to report on our understanding of Diplomacy, Information, Military, and Economics (DIME).  Then the following week we read more into Navy programs such as Ombudsman, sponsorship, and CDB’s.

It was a very diverse academic program that challenges senior enlisted leaders to think critically about how the Navy runs as a whole and how we fit into the whole machine.  Understanding how decisions are made at the White House level that then filter down to the deck plates, it is imperative that senior enlisted leaders are the linchpin between the two.  We are charged with understanding policy and procedure but being able to motivate and engage our junior Sailor so the mission is executed.

During the three weeks in session we were required to provide speeches on the papers we wrote during the online portion plus additional assignments.  Having to provide timed, graded speeches proved to be stressful however, it gave the understanding on how to communicate not only to the upper chain of command but to the Sailors we lead.   In addition we were introduced to different aspects of PT including NOFFS so we can have a well-rounded PT routine for the units we lead.

This was one of the most rewarding experiences of my career and I know the information and the tools I learned at the SEA will benefit my future commands and Sailors. 

I’m Chief Hospital Corpsman Natalie Cebular, PERS 407 HM Enlisted Assignments, HM E-8/E-7 0000/8404 Detailer. I am Navy Medicine.