Medical Service Corps Birthday Message 2015

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Admiral NathanOn behalf of Navy Medicine, I would like to honor the loyalty and dedication of the Medical Service Corps as you celebrate 68 years of exceptional service to our Nation and our Navy.

Following its inception in 1947, the men and women of our Medical Service Corps have continuously served our global force of Sailors and Marines in times of war and peace.

President Harry S. Truman signed the Army-Navy Medical Service Corps Act Aug. 4, 1947, establishing a permanent, commissioned corps of specialists to complement the standing medical department officer corps. Initially comprised of four specialties, including supply and administration, medical allied sciences, optometry, and pharmacy, the Navy’s Medical Service Corps now has more than 3,000 active duty and reserve officers in 31 specialties.

The Medical Service Corps is truly our most diverse corps in terms of what they bring to Navy Medicine. This group of dedicated professionals encompasses our scientists, researchers, medical providers, and administrators in addition to the many subspecialties that characterize this talented corps.

Their mission ensures that our Sailors and Marines are medically ready. They also provide expeditionary medical support to deployed warfighters operating above, below and on the sea, or battlefield, and they care for our families and service members at home.

Medical Service Corps officers demonstrate their readiness around the world every day, at clinics, inpatient facilities, research labs, with the operational forces, and during humanitarian missions like Continuing Promise and Pacific Partnership. They are an essential factor to the readiness and efficiency of our force and hold a prominent place in the proud history of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.

To the 3,100 active duty and reservist Medical Service Corps personnel, I commend you for 68 years of honorable sacrifice and selfless service to your mission and our nation. Happy birthday, Medical Service Corps!