Navy Medicine Education and Training Enterprise

By Rear Adm. Rebecca McCormick-Boyle, commander, Navy Medicine Education and Training Command and director, Navy Nurse Corps

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MCCormick Boyle BFriends and Shipmates,

 Navy Medicine education and training spans the world and encompasses operational medicine, enlisted medical training, professional development and career-long growth and education opportunities. The exceptional men and women at the many organizations and facilities are the foundation of the Navy Medicine education and training enterprise. These individuals work hard to deliver high-value, high-impact education and training that ensures the professional development and readiness of Navy Medicine providers at all levels, from entry-level enlisted hospital corpsmen to seasoned Navy doctors and nurses.

Our efforts align with the CNO’s Sailing Directions, the Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower and the Navy surgeon general’s strategic priorities.  Each challenges us to build a motivated, relevant and capable force, personally and professionally ready and proficient in operations. To support this mission, the Navy Medicine Education and Training Command (NMETC) organization has four education and training objectives.

Readiness – First, we deliver ready capabilities to operational commanders by educating and training Navy Medicine providers to maintain a medically ready operational force. For example, Navy Medicine Operational Training Center’s (NMOTC) eight Aviation Survival Training Centers train pilots and flight crews to prevent and/or survive aviation mishaps and forced water landings, helping ensure Naval Aviation readiness.

Second, we build a motivated, resilient, adaptable workforce by offering career-long growth and development to ensure the right people, at the right time, with the right skills to keep Navy Medicine in the readiness business. Navy Medicine Training Support Center (NMTSC) oversees 44 highly-technical officer and enlisted medical education and training programs, ensuring providers are ready to deploy in support of operational commanders on the sea, under the sea and in the air.

Value – Third, we improve lifecycle management and inventory control by developing and maintaining adaptive education and training processes. Our processes must be effective, efficient and based on the changing needs of operational commanders

Jointness – And fourth, we improve Navy Medicine interoperability by educating and training Navy Medicine providers to bring expeditionary and sea-based war fighting experience and capabilities to today’s joint battlefield. Every day our Hospital Corps “A” School students experience Army and Air Force cultures while learning more about their naval tradition as they train together to deploy together in a joint combat environment.

The month of May provides the opportunity to showcase how we support Navy Medicine and our Navy and Marine Corps team. We are NMETC. We advocate and implement education and training solutions for our Navy and Marine Corps, their families and others entrusted to our care. We are proud to support Navy Medicine Readiness, Value and Jointness through our education and training services.

Our aim is to be a relevant, responsive and requested education and training organization. As the month progresses, I encourage you to share your own medical education and training stories by joining the online conversation #MedicalEducation #MedicalTraining.  I look forward to hearing from you.