Surgeon General’s Medical Corps 144th Birthday Message – 2015


Vice Nathan Cutout no cover for webOn behalf of Navy Medicine, it gives me great pleasure to humbly extend my gratitude to the men and women of our Medical Corps for 144 years of loyal and steadfast service.

The Medical Corps has continued to grow in complexity and scope over the past 144 years. These medical professionals have come a long way since Mar. 3, 1871, when the 41st congress decreed the naval appropriations act, officially recognizing our proud corps.

From auspicious beginnings in a post-civil war era through modern times, the Medical Corps is a ready medical force, making a difference where it matters and when it matters most. Their dedicated approach to their profession, their patients and the future of Navy Medicine is truly remarkable. They work diligently to provide the highest state of medical readiness for our Navy and Marine Corps.

The Medical Corps also has a rich history providing health care and assistance to our president. More than 80 years ago, Medal of Honor recipient Dr. Joel Boone became the very first official physician to the president, a tradition that continues today, ensuring our commander in chief receives world-class care.

A globally-engaged force, the Medical Corps provides unmatched value to the Navy, Marine Corps, and our nation, serving from the sea to the battlefield, all the way to the halls of Congress and the White House. They serve in the aviation and undersea medical communities, and as astronauts exploring new frontiers in space; performing in the toughest at-sea and expeditionary environments that include missions around the world.

They continue to pave new frontiers in biomedical research, medical education and training, and quality of care at our hospitals, clinics, aboard our afloat platforms, and in combat theaters.

To the entire Medical Corps – thank you for your selfless service, your dedication and your sacrifice in order to accomplish the mission and serve those who serve. I am humbled to be your shipmate and it is my honor to serve with you. Happy 144th birthday!

M.L. Nathan