A Message from the Navy Surgeon General: Readiness, Value and Jointness in 2015

By Vice Adm. Matthew L. Nathan

Vice-Nathan-Cutout-no-cover-for-web-271x300Happy New Year, Shipmates!

Let me start by acknowledging your tremendous professionalism and dedication. We are fortunate to have our country’s finest health care professionals serving in Navy Medicine. Your service, marked by an ethos of readiness, agility and commitment, has a significant impact on our Navy and Marine Corps family and all our beneficiaries. From working tirelessly to mitigate the risk of the Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa and supporting the withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan, to increasing enrollment at Navy Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs), the men and women of Navy Medicine are ready, operating forward and caring for our warfighting shipmates.

It’s an exciting time to be involved with Navy Medicine. We are on course and must continue to deliver the highest level of quality health care this year and beyond.

I don’t need to tell you because it’s pretty obvious –the Military Health System is changing.   But as we embark on 2015, Readiness, Value and Jointness remain our Navy Medicine strategic priorities. These priorities will continue to guide our every initiative. We will also continue to maintain the highest state of medical Readiness for our Navy and Marine Corps team, while increasing the Value and Jointness of our operations.

Readiness is the hallmark of our daily battle rhythm. We must always be prepared to respond to any contingency, while also maintaining an atmosphere of Readiness to improve when the opportunity arises. We will continue to lean forward and be ready to deploy in support of any call to duty, while similarly ensuring our Navy and Marine Corps forces also maintain the highest state of medical Readiness. Quite simply, it’s what we do and why we exist.

Value is manifested through our people. We must continue to provide exceptional Value to those we serve by ensuring we’re maximizing our available resources. We are fortunate to have truly skilled, experienced and dedicated people working in Navy Medicine. Combining that talent and expertise allows us to have a professional team committed to streamlining the way we do business by standardizing our clinical and non-clinical processes. We continue to see the Value of our Medical Home Ports and Neighborhoods, and we’re on track to realize the Value of the 24-hour Nurse Advice Line and secure messaging between providers and beneficiaries. It’s our responsibility to aggressively evaluate everything we do and seek greater Value in what we provide.

Jointness is critical to how we operate and directly impacts Readiness and Value. I’m committed to being in front of this trend and the support I’ve received from the Navy Medicine family is tremendous. With the establishment of the Defense Health Agency just over a year ago and enhanced multi-service markets, we are operating in a more joint environment every day. By taking an active role in this area we will achieve an outcome that protects the unique traits of Navy Medicine.

This level of commitment to Jointness bleeds into our success in maintaining Readiness and continues to highlight our Value to the nation we serve. These precepts not only allow us to be better, but allow us to better care for the current, future and past generations of Sailors and Marines entrusted to our care so we are better able to care for them physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

The daily display of compassion from our Navy Medicine team shows just how invested we are in our craft and our patients. I am inspired by the work Navy Medicine does every day in support of those entrusted to our care. It is our responsibility to ensure the care we give each and every beneficiary, including Sailors, Marines and their families, is the best we can possibly provide.

I am humbled by what we have already achieved together. We are an amazing team and it’s my honor and privilege to serve as your Navy surgeon general. Let’s make 2015 an even more successful year!