VADM Matthew Nathan, U.S. Navy Surgeon General: Defend Against Ebola

A Message from the Navy Surgeon General: Defend Against Ebola

By Vice Adm. Matthew Nathan

VADM Matthew Nathan, U.S. Navy Surgeon General: Defend Against EbolaEbola is at the forefront of our conscience right now. I want to assure you Navy Medicine remains committed to providing safe, high quality care to our Sailors, Marines, their families and beneficiaries. Nothing is more important than the health and well-being of our people.

In the following video, I’m joined by Cmdr. James Lawler, M.D., an infectious disease researcher and expert in the field of Ebola. Earlier this year, he spent time on the ground in West Africa, where he saw the effects of Ebola on the region firsthand.

While Ebola is dangerous, it’s not an insurmountable issue for us to overcome.

For Sailors and Marines who are preparing to deploy, pay attention to your training and be smart by following directions to protect yourself against any infectious disease.

For our entire Navy and Marine Corps family, pay attention to where you’ve been and with whom you’ve come in contact. Use common sense.

We must remain vigilant to stay healthy and in the fight. Your health is important to the mission, your shipmates, your loved ones, and to me. Help us help you. Ship, Shipmate, Self.