Message to Navy Medicine Civilian Staff

Navy Medicine Civilian Shipmates,

Vice-Nathan-Cutout-no-cover-for-web-271x300I would like to take a moment to recognize the incredible work and sacrifice all of you make in support of the Navy Medicine mission.

The effects of sequestration on the civilian community have been significant.  Many of you were required to endure the hardships of the Department’s planned 6-day furlough, and as the end of the year approaches our ability to reward your performance is also somewhat limited.

Given the fiscal realities, DoD has limited agencies from issuing discretionary monetary awards during the sequestration period.  And while the DoD guidance does encourage the use of non-monetary options to recognize performance such as time-off awards — those too were very limited.

Our civilians are a critical component of the care we provide to our Sailors, Marines and their families across the enterprise.  I recognize the significance of your contributions and want you to be assured I remain fully committed to supporting you and your families any way we can.

We have been diligent and reduced expenditures in facilities maintenance, equipment purchases, and travel to address the cuts; however, we have not been able to eliminate the total impact of sequestration on you and your families.

I know all of you make a conscious choice to work for Navy Medicine, and while many of you could be better compensated in the private sector, you have selflessly answered the call of civil service.

And today, we enter into a government shutdown furlough causing you even greater anxiety and uncertainty.  The fuloughs are in no way a reflection of the importance of your work.   Navy Medicine is proud of the contributions of its civilian workforce and a shutdown furlough should in no way be considered as a statement to the contrary.

We will continue providing quality necessary care throughout any government shutdown and our facilities, are and will continue, to meet the emergent medical needs of our beneficiaries despite the situation.

We will do our best to provide clear information about the status of eventsas the days progress.

I am proud of each and every one of you and your contributions to Navy Medicine.  Thank you for all you do as a member of the Navy Medicine family.


Vice Adm. Matthew L. Nathan

U.S. Navy Surgeon General and Chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery