Navy Medical Home Port Streamlines Care

Story by Josiah Wilson, Defense Media Activity,
Video by U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery

As a Navy veteran, I can remember how frustrating the sick call process could be. I’d have to go to medical and either wait to see a physician or wait to make an appointment later in the day (you never knew which option it would be). Thankfully, a few things have changed now that Navy Medicine has rolled out the Medical Home Port health care option.

Medical Home Port helps provide primary care in a way that best meets the needs of Navy Medicine’s beneficiaries. The Medical Home Port team ensures that care is all-inclusive and integrated with all other care provided within the healthcare system. Care delivered in Medical Home Port model includes, but is not limited to, readiness, prevention, wellness, behavioral health, and disease management.

Sounds pretty nice, right? Check out this video; it gives a great explanation of what Medical Home Port is, and what it can do for you.