FOCUS-CARE Helps Military Families

By Kirsten Woodward, director of FOCUS and Family Programs Division

Being part of a military family is very special. As the spouse of a Marine Corps veteran and a mother, I constantly take pride in having the good fortune to be part of the whole military family. To me, being a military veteran spouse is being part of a large extended family.

Part of being part of the military family is also about caring and helping our fellow families.  I am so proud to be able to contribute to my fellow family members through Navy Medicine.

November is both Military Family Month and Wounded Warrior Month. One of the ways in which Navy Medicine is supporting and caring for our wounded warriors and their families is through FOCUS-CARE; Families Over Coming Under Stress, Communication and Remote Education.  Not only does FOCUS “care” for our Sailors, Marines and their families at the installation level – FOCUS provides CARE for families who may not be currently at their assigned installation due to medical needs.  CARE was designed to provide the FOCUS program interventions with specific adaptations for addressing the stressors of physical and psychological injury.  FOCUS-CARE can be conducted through a telemental health application, via computer, telephonically or in-person.

FOCUS-CARE assists with family injury communication, emotional regulation, adaptive coping responses, family cohesion and roles and preparing for moving forward into the future adapting to a “new normal”.

To all the Navy and Marine Corps Warriors and their families it is an honor to serve you!