A Message from the Navy Surgeon General: Military Medical Treatment Facilities Transition

Official U.S. Navy photo

As many of you have heard, the administration and management of the Services’ hospitals and clinics under the Military Health System (MHS) are undergoing a transition to the Defense Health Agency (DHA).  This transition began October 2018, with Naval Hospital Jacksonville and will occur over the next several years with a goal envisioned by Congress that the MHS will become more standardized and a more integrated system of healthcare services.  On October 1, 2019, more Navy MTFs in the U.S. will transition to the DHA.  OCONUS MTFs will transition in a phased approach after all CONUS facilities, with the transfer of administration and management completed no later than September 30, 2021.

The Services have been working closely with DHA on specific details to ensure this transition is seamless.  You and your family should see no immediate impact on access to healthcare services.  As we shift administration and management responsibilities of these MTFs to DHA, Navy Medicine will continue to provide support and assistance to ensure MTFs remain fully functional until DHA is able to assume full administrative and management responsibility.  Likewise, our Fleet and Fleet Marine Force Commanders should see no changes in Fleet or Fleet Marine Force support.  Medical and medical support services required for operational support, all personnel who provide those services, and all uniformed personnel will remain within the Navy lifelines and under Navy control.

This transition will create opportunity for Navy Medicine to increase focus on operational support and keeping our Service members healthy and on the job.  This will enable us to enhance focus on unit support during sustained high OPTEMPO while also creating opportunities for us to better prepare the medical force to deliver high combat survival and support in the future.

We make a commitment to every Sailor, Marine, Soldier and Airman and their families that we will provide them the best care our Nation can offer.  We at Navy Medicine will always honor the trust placed in us to provide the best care possible to those who defend our freedom and their families.  Wherever a Sailor or Marine goes, Navy Medicine will always be there.  My commitment is to keep you fully informed as the transition continues. You will know what we know.

Thank you so much for the trust and faith you place in Navy Medicine every day.





Vice Admiral, Medical Corps

United States Navy