I am Navy Medicine, Hospital Corpsman 1st Class Ronald Laganzon

My name is Hospital Corpsman 1st Class Ronald Laganzon. I often tell people “I may have only been active duty for 17 years, but I’ve been in the Navy my whole life.”

My interest in the Navy began at an early age, because I was born at Naval Hospital Subic Bay and my mother and grandfather served.

My mother served and retired after 20 years in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman, and one of my fondest recollections was when my mom delivered a baby on a bus in a rural part of the Philippines during her leave period.

We were miles away from any hospital when a woman went into labor.  My mom was the only person onboard that bus with any medical training.  I was very young at the time but I remember how grateful the family was for her service.  Her actions that day was one of many which inspired me to follow in her footsteps as a Hospital Corpsman.

Today, I’m privileged to be in a position to share my passion for the Navy, implement change and make an impact.  Molding, developing, and mentoring our future is a huge responsibility and I’m honored to be entrusted with this responsibility.  I believe I have a very diverse experience as a Hospital Corpsman. From combat operations with 1st Marine Division in Iraq, amphibious assault support with the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit, serving as a surgical technologist in a British Role III hospital in Afghanistan, and supporting medical readiness for Undersea Medicine.

I’ve reached many milestones throughout my career and received the Naval Hospital Rota’s Sailor of the Year, five Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals, Meritorious Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, and the Combat Action Badge for my service in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

As a Leading Petty Officer for the Clinical Support Services Directorate at Naval Hospital Rota, Spain, my job now is to lead, inspire, and push my Sailors to their fullest potential.  I’m confident to say I have great Sailors who are ready to fight anytime, anywhere and get the job done.

To sum up my experience with Navy Medicine, I would say Navy Medicine is leading the way, bringing medicine down range and closer to the fight!