A Message from the Navy Surgeon General: Celebrating 106 years of the Dental Corps

Official U.S. Navy photo
On behalf of Navy Medicine, I wish to extend my sincerest congratulations to the men and women of our Navy Dental Corps as you celebrate your 106th anniversary.

The Dental Corps has served with steadfast devotion to duty since August 22, 1912 when President Howard Taft signed into law an act passed by the 62nd Congress establishing the Navy Dental Corps. From its original cadre of 30 assistant dental surgeons, to the now 1,300-plus active duty and reserve personnel, the Dental Corps has served in times of peace and war to ensure dental readiness and optimize dental health.

Today, the Dental Corps is integrated seamlessly with the medical and line communities, deploying with Marine Expeditionary Units, Carrier Strike Groups, and supporting humanitarian and disaster relief missions around the world. Whether they are performing clinical operations at sea, in charge of branch clinics, or commanding entire hospitals, the depth and breadth of these officers and their leadership knows no bounds.

You are pioneers, innovators, warriors, and healers. You are educators, researchers, life-long learners, and true professionals. It is your honor, courage, and commitment that we celebrate today. Thank you for your service and for the sacrifice of you and your families. Happy 106th Birthday Shipmates. I am honored and humbled to serve alongside you.

— Vice Admiral C. Forrest Faison III, Surgeon General of the Navy and Chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery