Five Things You Need to Know About the New Hospital Corps PQS

A new Navy Personnel Qualification Standards (PQS) developed by Navy Medicine Education, Training and Logistics Command (NMETLC) becomes mandatory Oct. 1 for Hospital Corps “A” School graduates assigned to a Navy military treatment facility. The new PQS is designed to provide commands a proven method for successful training that supports the commanding officer, benefits the command and guides the Sailor’s training efforts. The ultimate goal of the PQS is to help ensure a competent, qualified, life-saving medical watch stander.

1) “A” School graduates are now required to complete the Hospital Corps PQS within 12 months of reporting to their first assignment at an MTF. However, new HM “C” School graduates who went directly from “A” to “C” School – referred to as the “direct training pipeline” – are not required to complete the PQS.

2) Active duty and full time support (FTS) HMs with Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) code 0000/8404 must complete the HM PQS within 12 months of reporting to their first MTF assignment. Basic Dental Assistants (BDA), NEC 8701, must complete the BDA PQS within 12 months of reporting to their first assignment at a dental treatment facility. Selective reserve (SELRES) HMs should make every effort to complete their corresponding PQS during annual training period, or on active duty orders while assigned to an MTF, within 36 months.

3) The new curriculum and the follow-on PQS respond directly to Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. John Richardson’s competence and character priorities that include achieving the best possible performance through learning. CNO’s priorities emphasize learning that includes formal schools, structured on-the-job training and experience.

4) The new PQS helps prepare and qualify corpsmen to provide initial care on the battlefield and in isolated assignments aboard ships or submarines, far from any military treatment facility (MTF).

5) The new PQS demonstrates to the fleet, patients and the public Navy Medicine’s dedication to ensuring every hospital corpsman is qualified to save lives on the battlefield and in the fleet; and Navy Medicine Education and Training Enterprise’s devotion to helping Navy Medicine provide the Hospital Corps opportunities to increase the knowledge, skills and abilities of hospital corpsmen.

More information about Navy PQS can be found in OPNAV Instruction 3500.34G, 15 May 2014 and the Personnel Qualification Standards Unit Coordination Guide, NAVEDTRA 43100-1M May 2017. BUMED Instruction 1510.27, 11 Oct 2017, is available at:

The Hospital Corpsman and Basic Dental Assistant PQS can be found at: