A Message from the Navy Surgeon General: Dental Corps 105th Birthday

Official U.S. Navy photo

On behalf of Navy Medicine, congratulations to the men and women of our Navy Dental Corps as you celebrate your 105th anniversary.

On August 22, 1912, the 62nd Congress authorized the Secretary of the Navy to appoint 30 acting assistant dental surgeons as part of the U.S. Navy Medical Department. Since then, dental officers have delivered world-class care with honor and distinction. Their work, in times of peace and conflict, has earned the Dental Corps a prominent place in Navy and Marine Corps history, to include two Medal of Honor recipients.

Throughout its proud history, the Dental Corps has distinguished itself in professionalism, unselfish dedication, and readiness on behalf of all of our Sailors and Marines ashore and afloat. Your contributions to our nation and military medicine have been essential in laying the foundation of Navy Medicine as we know it today.

To the more than 1,300 active and reserve Dental Corps personnel, thank you for your service and for the sacrifice of you and your families. Happy 105th Birthday Shipmates. I’m proud of you and honored to serve with you.

VICE ADM C. Forrest Faison III, Navy Surgeon General and Chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery.