A Few Words from a Navy Medicine Civilian

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During my ten-year career in the Air Force, I traveled to Iraq, the United Arab Emirates and many other places.  My experiences teaching pilots to survive in combat as an aircrew life support technician gave me a pretty solid foundation for my career today.  I am currently the lead IT specialist for the U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED) in the Information Technology and Communications Support (ITACS) department.  I manage computer hardware, software and server operations.

My wife and I have been in the Washington D.C. area since Sept. 2012 and I joined the Navy Medicine ITACS team one month later.

I’ve always had a love for technology.  I’ve always wanted to know more about how computers operate, but more importantly how to fix them.

Navy Medicine has afforded me the opportunity to do what I love while also supporting those that support the Navy and Marine Corps warfighters and veterans on a daily basis.  I’ve had leadership opportunities with Navy Medicine, both as a contractor and as a government civilian.  On a typical day, I support customers all around the globe, from Fort Detrick, Md., to Jacksonville, Fla., providing technical customer support for video teleconferences and many other IT issues. 

Countless individuals depend on our customers for their health and military readiness.  We ensure that their IT systems operate properly in order for them to successfully provide that support.  If our BUMED end users can’t do their jobs, service members won’t be ready to deploy.  BUMED IT professionals must have knowledge and ‘know how’ to not only identify technical situations, but be able to correct them immediately. 

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Growing up in Peekskill, NY, where the population is just over 23,000, I think my parents did an outstanding job of preparing me for who I am today.  My mother taught me how to manage people and she instilled in me strong team building skills. My father did an awesome job of teaching me how to earn a living using my talents.

My Air Force military background taught me a great deal about camaraderie, but I can truly say the Navy Medicine ITACS team here at BUMED is the best I’ve ever worked with, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

My name is Charles “Mo” Moshier  … and I AM NAVY MEDICINE.