A few words from a Navy Medicine Nurse:


Being a Navy Nurse is unlike any other job that I know of. On a daily basis my job is filled with challenges, adventure, and unique experiences. Unlike in the civilian world of nursing where your sole responsibility is to be a nurse, a huge part of my daily life in the Navy is finding the balance of being a clinical expert in my particular field of nursing, as well as being an excellent officer. The blend of being both an officer and a nurse creates a particularly challenging dichotomy that never is boring or routine. Being an officer and making the choice to serve my country is indicative of my desire to be a part of something that is much bigger than myself.  At the end of every day I go home satisfied because I was pushed to be the best that I could be as an officer and a nurse. What more could you ask for in a job?

 My life has been filled with adventure and change. I’ve been asked to adapt my nursing practice to each environment that the Navy has placed me in, whether in the United States, overseas, or on a deployment somewhere in the world. Each duty station that I’ve traveled to was different from the last,  and I’ve been challenged to learn and grow as a nurse and as an individual. Many nurses in the civilian world get pigeon-holed into a certain type of nursing early on in their careers and it is very difficult for them to move into a different type of nursing if they become bored. In the Navy I’ve always had the opportunity to explore different aspects of nursing and leadership. My life has been enriched by the travel opportunities, relationships I’ve made, and patients I’ve cared for.  By partnering with my patients, I’ve been able to harness my intrinsic ability to care for and help others maximize their health potential. By helping my patients stay healthy I am supporting the never-ending effort to keep my fellow service members ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.

 Ultimately, the Navy is a big family; I have a heart for service and a deep love for my country, so I found a career in the Navy … as a nurse … incredibly rewarding and challenging. There is no better career for me than being a part of the Navy Nurse Corps.

 My name is Laura Willett and I Am Navy Medicine.