A Message from Navy Medicine’s Force Master Chief – Focus on Men’s Health

Force Master Chief Terry J. Prince. Photo by Gary Corpuz.
Force Master Chief Terry J. Prince. Photo by Gary Corpuz

Every year in June, the United States recognizes Men’s Health Month to heighten awareness of preventable health issues commonly found in men and encourage early detection and treatment of disease.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the top five leading causes of death among men include heart disease, cancer, unintentional injury or accidents, chronic lower respiratory disease and stroke. Most of these conditions are preventable or treatable if caught in time with the proper resources and education.

As a part of Navy Medicine’s leadership team, I encourage all Sailors, to take charge and make healthy decisions to prevent serious conditions like heart disease and stroke. How? Eat healthier, get in better shape, and manage stress.

The best decision I ever made was to quit smoking, and lose weight. It was a tough journey and it continues to be a challenge however, my risk of heart disease and stroke are considerably lower because of those changes. These lifestyle changes helped me become a better leader by setting a positive example.

Listen up men: I challenge you to renew your commitment to living a healthier lifestyle and setting new goals for your health in the month of June. To show I’m serious I will start training for the Marine Corps Marathon. See you out there!

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