A Message from Navy Medicine’s Force Master Chief: Happy 123rd Birthday Chiefs!

Force official photoEvery year on April 1, the Navy celebrates the past, present and future of the Navy chief.

Chief Petty Officers (CPOs) are the Navy’s senior enlisted leaders serving as mentors for all Sailors and are experts in their field.

Coming from humble beginnings in 1893, CPOs have since surpassed expectations of what it is to be a great leader and have become some of the finest professionals our military has to offer.

Of all the traditions the Navy holds, being promoted to chief is one of the most valued. When we put on those anchors we take on the challenge to live and work as servant leaders, to develop our Sailors to be and do more than they ever thought possible, and to pass down the pride in heritage and tradition that comes with being a Navy chief.

Shaping the Navy’s future leaders is an honor and responsibility I value deeply. I am very proud to be a Navy chief and I am confident that I share that pride with the thousands of CPOs across the fleet.

To my fellow CPO brothers and sisters around the world, thank you for your loyalty, dedication and professionalism that allow us to keep the Navy running strong every day.

Happy 123rd birthday Navy Chiefs! Hooyah!

FORCM Terry J. Prince

CPO birthday graphic