Psychological Prophylaxis : Mental Health Prevention

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By Regena Kowitz, NCCOSC Sr. Strategic Communications Specialist In health care, we focus a lot on prevention. We’ve developed screenings to provide early detection for cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. We’ve put our efforts into teaching patients about the benefits of a healthier lifestyle including tobacco cessation, proper nutrition and the benefits of exercise. We […]

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Semper Gumby: Pt. I

Operation Iraqi Freedom is the multi-national coalition effort to liberate the Iraqi people, eliminate Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, and end the regime of Saddam Hussein.

By Cmdr. Robert McLay, MC, USNR, Naval Center for Combat & Operational Stress Control   The Personal Account of a Navy Reservist Psychiatrist Navy Medicine is full of surprises.  In April of 2013 I was riding in an olive-drab SUV along the road that rings the outer edge of the Big Island of Hawaii when my […]

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 Expressions of Gratitude Go a Long Way


 By Lt. Jay Morrison, Naval Hospital Guam As we move through suicide prevention month, we’re reminded of the important warning signs to watch for in our shipmates, and to spot signs of trouble: increased substance use, withdrawal, recklessness, changes in mood or personality, and especially expressions of hopelessness or wishes to die. We’ve heightened our sensitivity […]

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A Pair of Crutches and a Message of Caring


By Cmdr. Wayne M. Haddad, Deputy Chaplain of Navy Medicine I remember walking into a safety stand-down at my last command, a medical training facility and overhearing a Sailor joke with friends. “If I attend one more suicide prevention brief, I think I am going to KILL myself.” Even though macabre humor, I smiled because […]

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What’s with all the Questions?


Dr. Eileen Delaney, assistant department head of research facilitation, Naval Center for Combat & Operational Stress Control It might seem like anything you do these days triggers some type of survey or questionnaire.  Going on deployment? Here’s a survey.  Have a new doctor? Answer this questionnaire, please.  Seeing a mental health provider? Well, you get the […]

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Navy Medicine is a global healthcare network of 63,000 Navy medical personnel around the world who provide high quality health care to more than one million eligible beneficiaries. Navy Medicine personnel deploy with Sailors and Marines worldwide, providing critical mission support aboard ship, in the air, under the sea and on the battlefield.