A Look Back

An Untapped Ocean of Opportunity, Part III


  By NMRC News   “If need be, we could work well into the night as it didn’t make a lot of difference to the bottom dwellers. Days looked like nights; it was dark on the bottom all the time.” ~QMC Bob Barth, Aquanaut, SEALAB II Commencing August 28, 1965, SEALAB II was an ambitious and, arguably, the most successful …

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Around the World and Back: A Tale of Two MSC Microbiologists


By Lt. Cmdr. Maya Williams and Lt. Cmdr. Matthew Kasper, Naval Medical Research Center  Editor’s note: August 4th marks the 67th birthday of the Medical Service Corps. Lt. Cmdr. Maya Williams, Head of the Viral and Rickettsial Diseases Department at Naval Medical Research Center and Lt. Cmdr. Matthew Kasper, Deputy Director for the Global Emerging Infections Surveillance and Response System …

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An Untapped Ocean of Opportunity, Part II


By NMRC News The World of Undersea Research  “In the habitat at the end of a busy day looking out a port is in itself a pleasure. There’s a lot to see down there if you just have the time. It was like a reversed fish bowl. You get where you recognize fish and other critters. I can remember giving all …

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An Untapped Ocean of Opportunity, Part I

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By Naval Medical Research Center News “Knowledge of the oceans is more than a matter of curiosity. Our very survival may hinge upon it.” ~President John F. Kennedy While NASA’s Project Mercury was transporting public imagination to the stars, a lone Navy Diving and Submarine Medical Officer looked to the seas as the new frontier of exploration and habitation. In 1958, …

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WWII Surgeon Develops Light Field Ambulance

Jeep Turns Ambulance BANNER Front Page

By André B. Sobocinski, BUMED Historian Like the birth of smart phone culture and social media a century later, the first decades of the twentieth century saw great societal changes at the hands of new technology, namely the automobile.   Roads and traffic laws, traffic signs and signals, garages and gas stations sprouted up across the U.S. landscape during these years; …

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