Project FOCUS: Supporting Military Families Worldwide


By Kirsten Woodward, director, Family Programs, U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery It’s always been said – “military families serve too” – they feel the effects of mutliple and combat related deployments and they bare witness to the impact of high operational tempo.  Since 2008 – Navy Medicine has been not only serving the service members needs, but the …

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Shedding Light on Children’s Eye Health and Safety

Eye care 9x6

By Lt. Niko O. Vahamaki, O.D., Naval Hospital Beaufort   During my usual comprehensive eye exams here at Naval Hospital Beaufort, I am often asked by patients when children should have their eyes checked.  While there is no set standard, a good rule of thumb I advocate is a minimum of two times before starting elementary school.   Ideally, children should …

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Naval Hospital Jacksonville: Breastfeeding improves health of babies

9x6 breast feeding

By Julie Kellogg, M.D., Naval Hospital Jacksonville pediatrician Naval Hospital Jacksonville celebrates Aug. 1- 7 as well as showcases their World Health Organization/United Nations Children’s Fund Baby Friendly Certification. Breastfeeding benefits babies and moms and is considered by many to be a miracle food with advantages that cannot be duplicated. In multiple studies, breastfeeding has been shown to be the …

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Bring your dad to work day: Father of a U.S. Navy pharmacist supports humanitarian mission

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Lt. Cmdr. Emily Zywicke is the Pharmacy Department head onboard the USNS Mercy Pacific Partnership 2012 mission. Pacific Partnership 2012 is the largest annual humanitarian and civic action (HCA) mission in the Asia-Pacific region. The mission delivers humanitarian civil assistance and conduct environmental sustainability missions from USNS Mercy to the host nations of Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia.   Hello, …

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Father’s Day has a healthier meaning

Corpsman up

Next week we kick-off National Men’s Health Week. Today’s blog comes from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a teaser for next week.   National Men’s Health Week is celebrated each year the week leading up to and including Father’s Day, which is June 11-17, 2012. During this week, individuals, families, communities, and others work to heighten the awareness of …

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